Fingerless mitten success

Tonight I achieved something pretty exciting. I started a new project right before bed last night and worked on it while watching the Packers game this morning (4:15am start Perth time, it was brutal). I finished it up this evening while skyping my good pal Lauren who’s just arrived in Sydney — and will hopefully be with us for Thanksgiving.

Cable twist fingerless mitten

Cable twist fingerless mitten

I am a big fan of fingerless mittens, so it was an exciting project to take on. I decided to just wing it, vaguely settling on what I wanted the pattern to look like as I went. I’m happy to say that my guesses were pretty accurate as far as sizing of both the overall glove and the thumb hole space. It feels good to use nothing but my own prior skills and instincts to invent something totally new for my repertoire.

When making my headbands, I know exactly how they’ll turn out, because at this point what I’m making is at the very least similar to something I’ve done before. It feels great to go in blind and just use my knitting knowledge to create something totally new for me. Honing my skills and logging in so much practice (aka failed projects) has really helped me be brave and take chances.

Proudly showing off my brownie creation

Proudly showing off my brownie creation

I urge other crafters out there to be courageous and not worry about making mistakes. As many projects as I’ve messed up and will continue to botch, it’s such a high to nail it on the first try. I can’t wait to make the left one!


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