The dreaded knitter’s shoulder

We’ve all heard of tennis elbow right? According to Wiki, this is a misnomer, as the majority of sufferers are not actually professional tennis players. It’s a soreness rather than an inflammation.

Well this morning I am a sufferer of what I’m going to call Knitter’s Shoulder. Yes this is probably the silliest sounding ailment EVER, but I have it.

Last night after work I went to the gym for a Body Combat class. This is one of the few classes I’ve never tried before in Les Mills’ program of workouts. It’s sort of like an aerobic boxing/kickboxing class set to music. Some of you may not know that I used to frequent a boxing gym. I completely love it, there is hardly a better workout out there. So to be punching air instead of another person’s palm was a bit of a letdown.

But back to the matter at hand shoulder…After the warm-up, I started to feel fatigued in only my right arm. It was puzzling, since I hadn’t worked that hard yet, and my left side was kicking some serious imaginary face.

It was only when I settled down to my knitting after dinner that I realized what was happening. My right shoulder (more accurately my delt and upper bicep) is actually aching from all the knitting I’ve been doing!

I nearly finished an entire scarf last night in, embracing the burn and knitting up a storm. It helps that I was using 15mm needles, which speeds up the process and are almost comically large.

This morning I would much rather finish up the last few rows than go to work, but unfortunately I need a paycheck to survive. Funny that. But I’m a little excited because I have an interview with a fascinating environmental researcher later this morning (I’m a Journo, as the Aussies would say).

My arms and shoulders are both sore from all the pushups and tough punches, but my right side is especially mad at my brain for not allowing me to just put down the needles and have a rest.

Am I alone? Or have you other knitters out there been prey to the dreaded knitter’s shoulder?



7 thoughts on “The dreaded knitter’s shoulder

  1. I do. My right shoulder especially. There is already a pre-existing injury, but while knitting I can feel the pain and I have to prop my arms up just right with pillows. This stops me from holding my arm up by the shoulder which is the biggest culprit to the pain.

  2. What I good idea, I need to try that myself! I’ve just been working on a headband and scarf where I was knitting then purling every other stitch. It caused excessive arm swinging :S I actually prefer the purl stitch because my arm doesn’t have to move up and down as much.

  3. I’ve been “power knitting” lately and my left shoulder and arm (I’m a lefty) are really hurting. Years ago I got a rotator cuff injury in my left shoulder that took forever to heal. This sort of feels like that. I knit in the evenings while my spouse watches sports and by bedtime the arm aches enough I can’t lay on it to sleep. I suppose I should slow down on the knitting but I have a real challenging pattern I’m trying to work on so I hate to stop. 😨. I guess it’s a cross we pow knitt es have to bear!

  4. Nothing to joke about. I am having my first (and hopefully my last) bout of knitters shoulder. Supra spinatis and infraspinatis inflammation from marathon knitting. The pain is significant, I have very little range of movement in my left arm and can’t knit at all. The withdrawal is killing me. What else can you do while listening/watching TV? Knitting was my way of coping with my OCD and need to always be doing something “busy” with my hands and mind.

  5. Hello….YUP, I have it. I have knitted over 100 scarves and blankets all in less than 2 years. I was getting over a relationship haha…and well now I have knitter’s shoulder. It’s like right under the shoulder bone. I have stopped knitting for a month and went back to it, but it’s creeping back. Ugh…I finally found a way to be productive WHILE relaxing and then I got on this kick of making everyone gifts. Now..this. Oh well….knit on!

  6. I have tendinitis in my right forearm from knitting and also shoulder pain and neck pain on my right side. This is all from knitting. When I knit I seem to lift my right shoulder and tense up all the muscles in the area. Also the muscles across my upper right chest are very tight. Some of this probably is also caused by years sitting at a computer. I try to do stretching exercises.

  7. I just googled the deltoid and rotator injury related to knitting out of curiosity. While I am glad it’s not just me, I’m really bumming. I have been knitting and crocheting since the age of 10. I love it. I’m good at it. Have always received compliments. Come up with own designs. Always have a treasured gift ready. I put it down for a while (a couple of weeks), I stare at projects the whole time, going crazy. I pick it up again and after a few days, it’s back. No idea from here. Dr’s office believes it’s possible but have no answers. Gone to p.t. It’s not a long term answer. People in my family don’t believe it causes me pain and don’t understand how one person received a shower gift and another didn’t. I have a grandson now and I would be knitting my brains out if I could. I feel like I have lost part of me. I can’t do it leisurely. So depressed. πŸ˜•

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