Trial and error

There is a wide margin of error when it comes to crafting. When you really enjoy it, a project that didn’t quite work out is much more of a learning experience than a failure. Even when I have to take out several rows of knitting, or start completely over from the beginning, I don’t mind at all.

One of the reasons I got back into knitting was that I wanted to make my own boot cuffs. I’d always admired them on other people, but had never seen them in stores. They are available on Etsy, but I was certain I could make them myself.

Oatmeal boot cuff

Oatmeal boot cuff

Boot cuffs are tricky because when made on straight needles, you almost have to guess how long to make it and how many stitches to use, since it has to fit over your leg. This one does fit me, but the needles I used weren’t wide enough, so when it stretches over my calf, it doesn’t quite look right. Not unwearable, but I’m curious to see what it looks like when made with 8mm needles instead of 6mm.

It’s AFL finals here in Australia, so Matt and I had a big footy day, with a break to take a long walk and make yummy homemade pizzas for dinner.

I love to knit while we watch sports. It’s so much better than sitting around idly. It was an exciting day, with two major upsets!

Tomorrow I’m busy all day, but I can’t wait to have another crack at these cuffs. Hopefully there’s enough yarn left in the lovely oatmeal shade to complete the project.